We are about you! Are you a principal, teacher, counselor or program director? Art director, group facilitator, parent or child? Reunion, holiday, family get-together, bat mitzvah or birthday party?  Searching for creative fun,  DIY craft kits, party favors, rainy-day or covid activities? Azila Jewels has been fulfilling your needs for the past 7 years.

Repeat groups are the greatest feedback! These DIY jewelry and craft kits have been the perfect activity for hundreds of groups just like yours. They have surpassed expectations to make a happy student, camper, party participant, and group leader. All supplies and detailed clear instructions are always included. Projects come bulk packed but are available individual packed as well. With flexibility and customized orders, we cater to all your requirements and desires. Just contact us and see for yourself Azila's amazing customer service.

Individual packed is our newest innovation to reach you the individual crafter. Bring out your talent and enjoy your own handmade DIY work of art. Make it. Gift it. Share it. Treat yourself and those you love.  Choose from a variety of exciting classy projects that entertain all ages, types and skill levels. Includes exclusive packaging as well as easy to follow instructions.

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