Welcome to the crafter's haven!
I'm Azila, and I couldn't be more excited to e-meet you :).

See, crafting has always been my passion. For as long as I can remember, I dreamed... imagined... designed... and created as a hobby, a pastime, and a total pleasure. Honestly, it was so much more fun to craft my own unique statement jewelry and accessories than to buy the typical styles that everyone else was wearing ;).
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I was used to getting compliments and the very occasional "Where-did-you-get-that?" question. And the admiration was fun, too. But it was when I began gifting my handcrafted works of art that things became...interesting. The same instinctive reaction of all my giftees? You should really sell these!

...And so I did! A dream that had lain dormant in the back of my mind for far too long crystallized into action, and I created samples and approached several local boutiques. They were just as excited as my giftees had been to carry my unique and beautiful jewelry pieces. And they really sold well, too.
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I'm not sure exactly when it dawned on me that while I was definitely making some women and girls really happy when they bought and wore my jewelry pieces, it was the experience that I was depriving them of. That there's a special delight in wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry, but a lasting joy in actually creating it.
...That it was possible to invite so many more people to enjoy the thrill of crafting.
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And that, my friends, is how Azila Jewels was born :).

Because crafting alone is a pleasure, but crafting with others, a true joy. And joy is only multiplied when shared with family & friends.

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And so began my journey.
I gave my creativity full reign. I imagined - and then designed - jewelry pieces, craft kits, accessories, gifting items, and more. And then, I broke my dreams down into clear, detailed, step-by-step instructions. I sourced the finest quality materials with which to craft these gems to ensure their durability and lasting value. And I packaged them with all the love and care of a crafter who's sharing her greatest treasure - her joy in the masterpiece jewelry & craft kits she creates.
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There's a craft for every age,
and a design for every stage.
There's an activity for every event,
and a keepsake for every celebration.
There's the promise of guaranteed joy
for every recipient of an Azila Jewels craft or jewelry kit.
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Entertain your students & campers.

Delight your children & grandchildren.

Share the joy of creativity with your nearest & dearest.

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